Meet Your True Voice is an introspective journey in a safe container, in which Rafaëlle invites you to dive deep & playas you sing along with her.

Whether you’ve never sung in your life or whether you’ve been a professional all your life, this course is made for ALL, it invites you into a path of liberation, a meeting of self, a new relationship with your voice, as you feel the bliss of singing.


Meet Your True Voice

At your own pace

    1. One life, One voice

    2. Class 1 - Take away

    1. Giving a voice to our fears

    2. Class 2 - Take away

    1. Transcending the collective memories

    2. Class 3 - Take away

    1. Breath & Vocal warm-ups

    2. Class 4 - Take away

    1. The voice heals

    2. Class 5 - Take away

    1. ...on dancing with Time

    2. Class 6 - Take away

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  • 13 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Your true & liberated voice, the entire universe actually desires to hear it.


I started getting deeply interested in singing when I was 10. And at first, all I did was try and imitate Mariah Carey :) .

I wasn't sure what was happening but I knew I had something going on and I started taking private lessons. 


After a slight detour getting myself a double-degree in engineering and architecture... I became a musical theatre and film actress & singer.

I performed dream roles on magnificent stages & sets with world renowned creatives, but… was trying to keep my voice “perfect”, and I still certainly didn’t feel like I had “found” it. In fact, I was regularly losing it completely.


Until one day I realized what was going on :  my voice is an extension of me, and I couldn't allow myself to freely sing from the depths of who I really was because I had worked all my life to bury that person behind a perfect doll shell. And I didn't even know who she was!


I went through profound therapies and understood that I unconsciously believed I was undeserving of existence, fundamentally illegitimate and harmful to others. So, I had spent my life trying to make as little noise as possible. Or if I did, it had to fit perfectly to the characters that people wanted me to interpret, because only then was I not an "imposture to existence".

But when I realized that the rage living under that shell was crying out, and that I had full power over my belief system... everything shifted. However, for the transformation to occur, I had to walk through the painful shadows that were actively maintaining the doll shell in place, so that they melt under the light of my awareness.


I started walking the path, learning by experimenting: at gatherings of friends who were passionate about the liberation of expression in all ways, I would sing, freely. No rules, no judgments. Just letting out what came through. Little by little I let my voice blossom, and staying consistent through the fire of all the protections coming up, it flourished more and more each time, and the most beautiful part was it was having a magical effect on others.


I am now devoted to living and freely expressing my truth, in trust it is for the bliss of all. I continuously expand my capacity to do so, and it has become clear to me that sharing these golden secrets is also part of me being my true self. 

I am sharing them with anyone who feels called to meet their true voice, because believe it or not, your true & liberated voice, the entire universe actually desires to hear it. And I have a dream! that everyone may liberate their voice, for a world of humans with liberated voices is a free, loving, roaring and trusting world. 

I designed this masterclass to initiate you into this voice liberation process. 

But really, I’m only here to guide you to what your body already knows.

In this self-led Masterclass, you will:

  • Build self-trust and confidence in your singing

  • Illuminate your shadows (why you may fear to sing freely) via journaling and subtle listening

  • Learn specific breathing and vocal techniques for professional singers

  • Alchemize your fears into power

  • Learn about the healing powers and mysteries of the voice

  • Hear the story of my personal path towards liberating my voice

  • Take part in a singing ceremony of release

  • Receive guided meditations

  • Receive an activating alchemical song and dance performance

  • And also... Magic may happen

“Rafaelle is an incredible channel, very powerful, generous, compassionate and highly intuitive! I felt a great sense of Peace and feelings of Unconditional Love. I'm still in a state of Awe and Immense Gratitude for Rafaelle's gift to access such High Frequency perspective!”

Ewelina B. - Artist, Akashic Reading Practitioner and Teacher

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